Dinsdag 30 januari: Listen to your dreams!

A night with stories and songs by Maike Koolhaas and Erik Sjøholm

What is a better way to spend a winter night, than to sit next to a fireplace and listen to stories and songs? While the fire warms your body, the words and music open your heart a little more, and maybe it will even whisper about the dreams it carries. Who knows..

Erik Sjøholm (FIN)

Singer-songwriter and Storyteller from Finland who recently learned to fly. His voice is similar to Jeff Buckley, Damien Rice, Glen Hansard and he sings songs that make you see a world where your dreams matter. 

Maike Koolhaas (NL)

Storyteller from the Netherlands who loves to challenge her audience with questions and stories about finding our true voice and taking a risk. She’s the friend that reminds you of the dreams you stopped listening to. 

Landgoed de Brouwketel (In the living room, inside) 
Address: Brouwketel 1 , Huissen
Doors open at 19:30; Show starts at 20:00
Tickets: donation based event
Reserve your seat: reserveringen@landgoedbrouwketel.nl